Welcome to Campus Leagues at Sport Sheffield!

Leagues are open to all University of Sheffield students, staff and Alumni and comprise of weekly fixtures during term time.

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  • Sign Ups are now live! Head to www.sport-sheffield.com/campus-leagues to join!


Spaces Available 01 Aug

We still have spaces available to join our Campus Leagues for 2019-20! Just head to www.sport-sheffield.com/campus-leagues to enter your team. 




Todays Fixtures

Medics Netball vs EngSoc
Ed Bram Eagles vs Civsoc Netball
GeogSoc Netball 1 vs EconSoc
Easy as Pi vs MechEng
ManSoc vs History
SUDSS Netball vs PolSoc
Sports Comm vs Music
SLOGin vs Psychos
CHEMSOC vs Aerosoc
Delph n' Safety vs The courtyard
The Batons vs Celta Stevo
G00 Top Bins vs OTC
GeogSoc 4 vs CivSoc 2nd
1999 Hassel Hoffenheim vs Alfred Denny United
Arab soc vs Sheffield Tuesday
Porridge FC vs The Oi Boys
Love Cats FC vs Rezza's Rentboys
It's about to get Messi vs JLB Credit
Show Me Da Mané (blue) vs Wanyama's In Pyjamas (red)
Lord Have MRSA (black) vs Sheffield Tuesday (Medics) (green)
Netsix & Chill (white) vs Bacon Sané (pink)

Open Competitions

3v3 Basketball - Saturday 1.30pm
Closing date: n/a
ELTC Badminton Summer League
Closing date: n/a
January Stress Buster Men's 11-a-side (Thursday 2-5pm)
Closing date: n/a
January Stress Buster Men's 6-a-side (Tuesday 5-6pm)
Closing date: n/a
January Stress Buster Mixed Touch Rugby (Wednesday 2-3pm)
Closing date: n/a