Welcome to Campus Leagues at Sport Sheffield!

Leagues are open to all University of Sheffield students, staff and Alumni and comprise of weekly fixtures during term time.

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  • Sign Ups are now live! Head to www.sport-sheffield.com/campus-leagues to join!


Spaces Available 01 Aug

We still have spaces available to join our Campus Leagues for 2019-20! Just head to www.sport-sheffield.com/campus-leagues to enter your team. 




Todays Fixtures

SUAS FC vs EconSoc 5s
GrandLerds vs Mechsoc E
ArabSoc Football vs SMI FC
Derwentyourankles vs CompSoc Greens
Music Culture Society FC vs Engineering Rugby
Five on the beach vs Sporting Rizzbon
Phil Soc vs Mansoc Tuesdays
GEMSOC vs Crookesmoor Creamers
Easy as Pi FC B vs Futsal is massive
Northcumberland FC vs Timor Leste FC
derwentyourankles vs Britasia FC
Pinot Grige FC vs Socsoc Tuesday
Polsoc Morgan-Davies vs Bioengineering
SUCC FC vs Livingstone FC
Chemical Engineering Football vs Markhors
Medics Red vs Medics Black
Medics White vs Medics Yellow
Medics blue vs Medics Green
Free Team vs Team 1
SUDSS vs Team 2
Medics Hockey vs Team 3
BAME Jaguars vs Archinetball
Easy as Pi NC vs Econsoc Netball
GeogSoc vs History 1
Medics Netball vs Ed Bram Eagles
Korfballers vs GEMSOC
PolSoc vs Msoc Tuesdays
SUDDS netball 2 vs Tennis Club Netball team
Ed Bram Falcons vs SUDSS netball
Wockey NC vs CivSoc
ChemSoc vs Social Netball a
MechSoc vs EngSoc Netball
SportsComm vs MBB soc
Sport Basketball club vs CompSoc Greens
MechSoc vs BAME Eagles
MechSoc Second Team vs Chemical Engineering Basketball

Open Competitions

No competitions to join