Welcome to Campus Leagues at Sport Sheffield!

Leagues are open to all University of Sheffield students, staff and Alumni and comprise of weekly fixtures during term time.

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  • Sign Ups are now live! Head to www.sport-sheffield.com/campus-leagues to join!


Spaces Available 01 Aug

We still have spaces available to join our Campus Leagues for 2019-20! Just head to www.sport-sheffield.com/campus-leagues to enter your team. 




Todays Fixtures

Murder on Zidanes Floor vs MbbSoc
Chemsoc vs CompSoc Greens
BAME FC vs History S. Jones
FCC Blues vs History A. Jones
Crookesmoor Crusaders vs English Society vets
1 Corinthians vs CivSoc FC
Unathletico Madrid vs EdBram FC
Korfball vs English Society FC 21s
Aerosoc Tempest vs Mansoc Wednesdays
360 No Pope vs 4Lifers
F5 Freestylers vs Its football not saka
Señor Frogs vs NewsCastle United
Squash Club B vs The Civsoc Spiders
Volleyball Club vs Squash Club A
Sheff Snow vs Sheffield Arrows

Open Competitions

No competitions to join